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Hey! It's Liz here! Back in 2016 I had this idea for a fitness brand that would celebrate community and friendship in the health and fitness world. I wanted women to feel secure and strong as they followed their journey to a healthier happier version of themselves. That's when Gymstie and all the tee shirt slogans and sayings started! This year we were featured in a magazine article for Voyage Houston! Go more in depth with me and the GYMSTIE brand and read the article HERE!

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1. Make It Public What we mean to say is think real hard about your biggest dreams and aspirations. How many of those have you not even said aloud because there’s an underlying fear there? Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of others opinions. Resolutions are an overall goal to better yourself throughout the year. So these goals are for YOU! Make it public by posting your top 3 resolutions on your favorite social media platform(don’t overthink it). People will have opinions no matter what. Why? Because people are people. You can’t control what they think but YOU Can...

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Is sugar sabotaging your diet? If your sweet tooth rules the show then keep on reading to discover some ways you can cut back on sugar without completely saying goodbye to it. Use Fruit and Cinnamon Lots of granola bars and packaged cereal can contain loads of added sugar. Using honey and even agave though natural can stack up in calories if you’re not careful. Slice up some berries like strawberries and blueberries along with some chopped nuts and add to plain greek yogurt for a healthier alternative. For oatmeal add fresh fruit and a big dash of cinnamon to...

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Need something refreshing to get you through the summer? Try these yummy summer fruit smoothies to stay healthy and fit all summer long. Peaches and Greens SmoothieWe are in the middle of peach season so grab a few fresh peaches and get your greens in with this summery sweet smoothie recipe!-1 Cup of Almond or Coconut Milk-1 Cup Frozen or Fresh Peaches-1 Big Handful of Spinach-1 Cup Frozen Pineapples-1 Tablespoon of flax seeds-1/2 cup of icePour all ingredients into the blender and mix until smooth. Orange Creamsicle Protein SmoothieWho doesn’t love the taste of creamy orange popsicle? Well now you...

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We all know Summer bodies are made in the winter right? Well we are here to let you know its not too late! So it's time to muster up all your ferociousness and do what you need to do to get beach bod ready now! Bottoms Up with H2OWe often think that drinking water will make us look bloated. But the fact is when you aren’t hydrated your body holds on to the little water it does have underneath the skins surface creating a puffy look. Try for a week to cut out diuretics like coffee and alcohol and drink...

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