3 Ways To Eat Cleaner During the Holidays

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Lets face it, with all the gatherings and parties that happen during the holidays it can get pretty tough sticking to any kind of diet regimen. However we have come up with three ways you can potentially eat cleaner and save some calories during the holidays so that you can still eat, enjoy your festivities and avoid guilt!

1.Make it yourself:

Whether it be a family dinner around the table or a potluck with friends, bring a dish that you made at home because you yourself are in control of the ingredients. Whatever recipe you choose swap out some of the non healthy ingredients for more health conscious ones. There are so many healthier alternatives nowadays that will make your dish a delight to eat at a guilt free cost!

2.Skip the canned veggies:

So many holiday dishes require a can of this or a can of that which usually are loaded which sodium. Hit the produce isle and pick up some organic fresh produce that will really liven up your main entree. Use fresh herbs, garlic and spices to add flavor to your dishes instead of pre packaged flavoring packets. You can bet that  people at your gathering would appreciate your efforts in preparing a fresh wholesome dish for the eating!

2.Make a one plate rule:

Those holiday meals are so scrumptious and many times there are so many dishes to choose from you run out of room on your plate and have to go back for more. Instead choose a smaller size plate and fill it with your top picks. When you’re just about to reach that “full” feeling then STOP! Make that one plate rule your standard this holiday season to eat cleaner and eat less calories.

What do you think of our list? Comment below with some ideas you have that could help save us all from over indulging this holiday season!

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