4 Ways To Avoid Getting “Fluffy” During Fall

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

With Fall here singing her praises comes the food, feasts and celebrations filled with tempting food situations. Although seasonal weight gain can vary from person to person, on average an individual can gain 5-7 pounds according to some surveys. During the fall/winter months most individuals weight gain can be attributed to two things...1. Decreased Exercise and 2. Increased Eating. Before you know it that one time we indulged turns into two then three and then we are full on in Fall “fluff” mode. There are some key ways to avoid getting “fluffy” for fall, avoiding drastic weight gain while still staying on your goals and even surpassing them!

Walk More
Fall can be full of brisk chilly days which makes us want to hunker down indoors to keep warm. To avoid that wear a durable cold weather coat or jacket and keep walking shoes on hand at your desk or in your car at all times. Also Don’t fall trap to the “front row parking game” where you drive around the parking lot looking for “front row” spots. Park far back and take a longer walk into the store. Another way to incorporate more walking is to just make it a part of your everyday routine and lifestyle. Walk for 10 min in the morning then again at lunch before or after and then again at dinner. At the end of the day three 10 min walks adds up to 30 minutes of walking for the day! Yay!

Choose Your Carbs Wisely
Because of all the festivities that take place during this time including Thanksgiving we are constantly in arms reach of bread-y sugary carbs like muffins, pies, cakes and cookies. Even pastas and casseroles can be chocked full of carbs. When we are feasting we want all that there is. Instead reach for root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, turnips and leeks. Your waist will thank you and you are more likely to not feel overwhelmingly sluggish and full after eating smart carbs.

Join a Group Exercise Program
During the fall/winter months our motivation to keep working out generally decreases. Group workouts are the best way to stay on track with your fitness goals during this season because of three things.... accountability, the social factor and the variety aspect. Classes like yoga, body pump, spin, kickboxing and CrossFit are all usually offered indoors out of the elements and are filled with people who have the same goals as you do. You meet people and are interested in them because just like you they are wanting to keep the weight away which is where the SOCIAL factor comes into play. Instead of being alone in a gym which can be hard sometimes having friends in a group class will keep you motivated to come. Then enters the ACCOUNTABILITY factor. Challenge your friends to get to class. See who can get there first. Make the most out of some friendly competition. Then of course there’s a VARIETY of group classes to choose from which means you can switch it up to avoid getting bored!

Never Go To a Party Hungry
Most parties are brimming with sugary cocktails and sweet treats. Before your holiday party fill up on smart carbs like baby carrots, apple slices or a large salad to avoid indulging in too many unhealthy party treats. Chronic Social eating is a real thing so even though you may fill up on healthy things before your party the pressure of a social setting can cause you to eat up to 40% more calories. The best way to still have fun is to just be on guard. Carry around a bottle of water and if you’re going to eat choose light and right. AND just think about how amazing you’re gonna feel when you avoid the unhealthy stuff.


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