4 Ways To Crush Your New Year Resolutions!

Posted by Cross-Sell App Support Team Collaborator on

A New Year means a fresh start to most. Setting New Year resolutions can be exciting at first but can turn daunting very quickly as fear begins to settle in. Our resolutions go from high priority to a distant memory in an instant. So how can you stick to those resolutions in 2018 and crush those goals? Here are 4 days ways to get there!

Start Small
Make your goal something that is attainable and almost seems easy to start at first. Maybe for you its one goal for the year. If you are shooting for more try to keep it at 3 or less. That way when you look at your list you are less likely to get overwhelmed.

Make an Action Plan
Once you have your resolutions, 1-3 ideally, get out some paper and a pen and start writing out some of the steps that you can take to achieve each goal. Make an action plan that is realistic and simple. For example if your resolution is to loose 40 pounds in 2018, then underneath that goal write out 3-5 steps you can take to achieve it. For example, only 1-3 sodas allowed per week instead of everyday, walk everyday, find a gym buddy and so on. If its to begin a new career, then underneath you would write something like, take courses/classes to get a license, start networking with people in that field or revamp your resume to suit that specific career.

Be Honest
Be honest with yourself. It’s easy at first to want to set goals beyond your own abilities but we are all geared and wired differently. If you can only make it to the gym 3 times a week then don’t pressure yourself into thinking you should be there 5 -7 days a week. Instead be OK with making it only 3 times a week. If you want to give up fast food but you’re a nurse that works around the clock then one slip up can cause you to give up all together. Instead be OK with with the fact that you will eat fast food BUT limit that and going out to eat to just a couple times per week instead of daily. BE honest with yourself and don’t let your goals overcome you. Overcome your goals by doing what is real and fitting for your life.

Find Support
Be open with people that you trust in your life to help you obtain your goals. Tell them about your plan. Sometimes this leads to finding an accountability partner, someone you can reach out to on a daily basis to touch base on diet and exercise. This person can also be someone you look up to. Don't be afraid to be open and honest. More than not, people are willing to help and offer advice but if they do not know you need help then they simply do not know. Finding support in friends or family or even online support groups can keep you in check.

Cheers to a better improved you in 2018! Lets get to action!