4 Ways To Get Back in the Fitness Game

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Have you fallen off the fitness wagon? Have you lost your motivation to get in shape? Don't worry... you're not alone. Right now is the time of the year when gyms are starting to get emptier and goals seem to start fading into the background of everyday life. We tend to loose sight of our fitness goals because its easy to loose sight of why we started in the first place! Lets help one another get back on track and tackle those fitness goals! Here's a few tips on how to get back on track!

1. Realize that RIGHT NOW is the BEST TIME

“My diet starts Monday” is an all too familiar statement in the fitness game world. Why wait for tomorrow when today is WAITING FOR YOU!? All it takes to START NOW is applying just a tad bit more discipline to make even the slightest change to your diet and workout routine. Now's the time! <--(repeat this saying 3 times)

2. Reevaluate Your Goal
It's easy at the NEW YEAR to set goals so far beyond that once we are into the new year and we realize those goals maybe weren’t as realistic as we hoped then we suddenly feel overwhelmed to the point of quitting. Go back to your goal and reassess it. Maybe instead of loosing 100 pounds in 2018 you can shift it just a bit to a quarterly goal of 25 pounds. Really break down the numbers and by doing this you will see that you gain more control over the goal.

3. Surround Yourself with People You Share Similar Goals With
Have you ever heard the saying “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future?” The truth behind this is ..we as humans eventually start to become like those we spend the most time around. We pick up things like language, mannerisms and of course HABITS including diet and exercise. Find people with similar goals and take group classes together or start a walking/jogging group. Its always a good idea to not go it alone.

4. Be Your Biggest Cheerleader
Motivation starts with you. If you are constantly getting down on yourself about failing then eventually you’ll be sucked even deeper into the cycle of feeling sorry for yourself. Motivated people don’t feel sorry for themselves. Instead incorporate a routine that will make you more productive. Get up earlier. Go to bed earlier. Meal Prep. Whatever the steps to disciplining your fitness regimen, remember that YOU motivating YOU will keep YOU going strong. Try writing an inspirational quote everyday on your bathroom mirror or try practicing motivating self talk. Be OK with being your own cheerleader! YOU GOT THIS! 

Now that you read this, its time to take action and get back on the wagon! Lets take charge of our bodies once and for all!