4 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Needing a little push to hit your fitness goals? Check out some of these tips on how you can motivate yourself to keep going!

1. Put your workout clothes on
Have you ever put your workout outfit on only to take it off at the end of the day without actually working out in it? Yeah its a pretty sucky feeling. If you workout in the morning before work put your gym clothes right by your bed including shoes and socks so that you can easily change into them. If you workout after work, change into your clothes as soon as you clock out at the office. That way when you get in the car to go home you’re already dressed for the gym. Tell yourself that when you have your gym clothes on you must go to the gym to get good use of them.

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2. Journal Your Progress
Journaling can sometimes be overlooked as a chore that no one has time for. We often think we need to fill pages with tons of words to be effective in journaling. Buy a smaller notebook so that the pages don’t overwhelm you. Start jotting down how you feel after your workout. Be open and honest. After that 5K you run, write down how you feel. After that group exercise you complete, write down how you feel. After the hill you climb, write down how it makes you feel. When you’re feeling not so motivated get your fit journal out and read past entries. Your words can motivate you do keep going.

3. Give yourself a tangible reward
In order to get a reward in life you have to set a goal and reach it first. Think about your goal. Maybe it's to fit into your wedding dress again or your pre-baby jeans. Maybe its to feel confident in your bikini on your next big vacay. Maybe its to break the obesity curse that runs in your family. First pick your goal, then pick your tangible reward. Telling your brain that when A. happens then you will get B. will trigger your brain to do what it takes to complete that formula. Make your reward anything from as big as a vacation or as little as a trip to the restaurant that serves the dish you’ve missed so much. Every time you set a goal, set the reward right along with it.

4. Carefully craft your gym playlist
Using music platforms like Spotify and Pandora can help you create your own beast mode atmosphere when you’re working out, running, walking or whatever you do to get physical. Select songs that motivate you to kill every single workout and Select artist that help you channel your inner winner. Create the atmosphere of most impact and fun which can come straight from the music you blast in your ears at the gym.

The power is yours! Now go do it!

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