5 Midnight Snacks To Eat Without the Guilt

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Do you tend to get hungry right before bed? Instead of reaching for chips, crackers or cookies fill your fridge and pantry with these healthy choices that can also aid in giving you a restful nights sleep.

Egg and Toast
Feel like eating something a bit more savory for a snack? Whip up some breakfast for that late snack! Make one scrambled and spread it on a piece of whole grain toast. The carbs from the toast and the protein from the eggs will keep hunger away for a restful nights sleep.

Reduced Fat Popcorn
Eating reduced fat popcorn is a perfect alternative if you crave salty and crunchy things late at night. Plus popcorn is full of fiber which can be super filling. Its also a complex carb thats low in calories which makes for a great healthy alternative. So get to poppin!

Frozen Banana Soft Serve
If your sweet tooth won’t let you sleep then try throwing a frozen banana in a blender with a splash of almond or coconut milk and cinnamon and blend till smooth. Bananas are a great source of potassium and magnesium which can help read those muscles so you get some good shut eye. To make this easier take bananas that are super ripe, cut them, put them in ziplock bags and store them in the freezer so they are always ready for use.

High Fiber Cereal
Recent studies have shown that eating a fiber rich diet not only helps keep you regular but can help improve sleep too! Reach for 3/4 cup of high fiber cereal like Kashi Go Lean Or Fiber One with some almond milk or low fat milk then sleep tight!

Cherries are one of the few foods that contain meletonin. Try eating a small bowl of fresh cherries or a glass of tart cherry juice before bed to help you get some great sleep.


Will you try some of these super good for you snacks net time you get those bed time hunger pangs?

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