5 Secret Diet Killers

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

There may be some things and habits you have picked up lately that could be killing your diet and voiding all of the time you spend working out and sweating hard. Worst of all you probably don't even realize that these things may be working hard against you keeping you from your goals. Check them out below!


Stress is known to have a major link to the foods we are eating. Research shows that when under stress you are more likely to skip important meals throughout the day or you reach for things that are unhealthy. Instead of reaching for food to cope with stress try taking on a stress reducing activity or exercise. Doing a slow paced but structured and calming workout like yoga can reduce stress levels dramatically. Taking a slow stroll in the park or even curling up to a good book and cup of hot tea can reduce stress levels as well. Stress can definitely be one of those secret things that is killing your diet.


Planning on going out this weekend or having a dinner party with friends? Remember that it is very easy to have the calorie-equivalent to a whole meal in drinks only even before you have eaten any food at all. Drinking mixed drinks on a night out can lead you to consume over 1000 calories in drinks alone which in turn can diminish your will power and lead you to eat foods that are full of fat and loaded with carbs. The average glass of wine has about 100 calories and a 12 oz. beer contains approximately 150 calories. While super sugary decadent drinks can contain up to 500 calories! So limiting the amount and types of drinks you have before eating will make a major difference for your waistline. Drink responsibly, drink smart or avoid alcohol at all costs if you’re really looking to slim down.

3.Protein Bars

Protein bars are the perfect on the go snack. They also have a bad reputation—and in most cases this is for a reason. When eating most protein bars you might as well grab your favorite candy bar and eat that instead. But they are just so convenient and give us the protein we need right??! Here are two things you should look for: bars that have a high sugar content or that don’t have a good proportion of carbs. If a bar contains 24 grams of carbs then protein should be about half that so 12 grams of protein. Bars that contain loads of sugar will cause you to come crashing down. Look for bars that contain a short ingredients list that way you are getting a bar that is minimally processed.

4.Free Restaurant Food

We have all been there. The chips and salsa come out while we are starving. The bread basket comes out with a side of butter(while we are starving). The next thing you know you’re two baskets deep in bread and three baskets deep in chips and salsa. On average there are about 140 calories per 1 ounce of chips. Usually two baskets of tortilla chips at a restaurant can equal 8 to even 13 ounces of chips which means you are consuming up 1800 calories and that's before dinner has even come out! So next time you’re at a restaurant remember, just because its free doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay for that later with lots of time in the gym and not to mention heartburn, bloating and tiredness.

5.Sleeping Too Much or Too Little

According to research, dieters who sleep five hours or less can put on 2½ times more belly fat, while those who sleep more than eight hours pack on only slightly less than that. Shoot for an average of six to seven hours of sleep per night—the optimal amount for weight control. Rest is important for weight loss. So time to start counting some sheep!


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