5 Sneaky Ways To Cut Back On Sugar

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Is sugar sabotaging your diet? If your sweet tooth rules the show then keep on reading to discover some ways you can cut back on sugar without completely saying goodbye to it.

Use Fruit and Cinnamon
Lots of granola bars and packaged cereal can contain loads of added sugar. Using honey and even agave though natural can stack up in calories if you’re not careful. Slice up some berries like strawberries and blueberries along with some chopped nuts and add to plain greek yogurt for a healthier alternative. For oatmeal add fresh fruit and a big dash of cinnamon to ease that sweet tooth craving but save on some major calories!

Swap Soda with Flavored Seltzer
You can’t browse the soda aisle at the grocery store without spotting rows full of flavored seltzer waters like La Croix and Bubbly. If you are a soda lover and need something bubbly to drink experimenting with the variety of flavors these seltzer waters come in can make the idea of drinking them fun and tasty saving you tons of calories!

Pay Attention to the Nutrition Label
Caution! Lots of bars, cereals and naturally sweetened snacks can contain way more than the recommended 10% of added sugars for your daily calories. Read the label and try to stick to foods that have 5 grams or less added sugar.

Switch To Black Coffee
If you’re a coffee lover you may be a lover of flavored creamers and sugar in your coffee. To avoid quitting cold turkey work your way to black coffee in phases. Starting with saying bye to adding sugar and just using creamer is the first phase. Slowly start reducing the amount of creamer added to your coffee until you make it all the way to just black coffee. Making these cutbacks can save you upwards of up to 50 calories per cup.

Buy Unsweetened
From almond milk, applesauce, nut butters and canned fruit, these varieties are all offered in UNSWEETENED form nowadays so opt for those and save tons of unnecessary calories in the process.