5 Sneaky Ways To Improve Your Beach Bod

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We all know Summer bodies are made in the winter right? Well we are here to let you know its not too late! So it's time to muster up all your ferociousness and do what you need to do to get beach bod ready now!

Bottoms Up with H2O
We often think that drinking water will make us look bloated. But the fact is when you aren’t hydrated your body holds on to the little water it does have underneath the skins surface creating a puffy look. Try for a week to cut out diuretics like coffee and alcohol and drink six to eight glasses of H2O a day instead. Not only will you feel slimmer your body will appear more toned as the water presses from behind the muscles creating definition. Ditch the caffeine and drink what is clean… WATER!

Turn in Early
Its important to get enough ZZZ’s every night. Research has  shown that lack of shut-eye messes with you on the physiological level, as sleep-deprived folks tend to have higher levels of stress hormones that make you hungry — and lower levels of leptin, a hormone that helps you feel full. Getting enough sleep can speed up your metabolism helping you burn calories even as you sleep. When you get the recommended hours of sleep, between 6-8 per night you allow your body more time to process food as efficiently as possible. You also have less time to indulge in fatty cravings when you turn in early every night saving you tons of calories. Do it right—Sleep at night!

Incorporate some cardio
Get that heart pumping by going for a run, jog or walk. There are also so many fun ways via group exercises like zumba or kickboxing that can help get that heart rate up not only burning more calories but improving the cardiovascular system at the same time. When in Doubt Sweat it out!

Don’t forget about weights

If you want to look positively built and toned adding muscle to the equation should be goal number one. Did you know that for every pound of muscle on your body, you burn about 6 calories per hour—just by doing nothing? Wow! Start with small weights and more reps then work your way up and your strength increases. Make a date to lift some weights!

Incorporate TEA Time
Pinkies Up! Brew some green tea and finish off with a dash of fresh grated ginger and a squeeze of lemon. Unlike carbonated drinks that bloat your belly hot tea actually helps diminish bloating. Fit tea time into your morning and night routine. When doing this at night you're not only helping with any bloating but you’re sending signals to your brain letting you know its time to relax and settle in for bed.

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