5 Super Foods That Burn Belly Fat

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

You can bust belly fat right in the gut when you switch up your diet to incorporate some key foods that will work for your body. First off start by eliminating foods that are working against you. Things like sugary bubbly beverages and processed foods will easily wreck havoc on that waistline. Sometimes a simple swap out of healthier options will make a world of difference on that waistline. Start eating these super foods instead!

Berries are jam packed with antioxidants which help keep your body healthy and they also contain less sugar than most fruits. Blueberries, blackberries and strawberries lead the pack with their high levels of antioxidants and fiber that aid in gut health and provide an endless amount of benefits! Stock up on some fresh berries today!

Eating a high protein breakfast especially ones that include eggs, have been linked to fat loss and shrunken waist lines. Eggs are considered the “gold standard“ for protein quality because their amino acids are easy for the human body to absorb. Add boiled eggs to salads, stir-frys, smoothies(egg whites) or pair them with 100% whole-grain toast and veggies for a hearty breakfast.

A serving of fish can make up a third of your daily protein needs. It doesn't get any better than fish when it comes to healthy protein. Protein makes you feel full and studies show that your body burns more calories digesting protein than carbs and fat. Even the fattiest of fish can typically have up to 200 calories less per serving of fat then meat and poultry. They're filled with important omega-3s and lean protein which are filling and can help curb cravings.

Whole Grains
Grains tend to get a bad rap when it comes to losing weight, but that's because refined grains aka processed foods are linked to weight gain. 100% whole-grains are bloat-busting super foods! Eating whole grains will make you feel fuller than when eating processed foods like donuts, pastries and cookies because your body takes more time to digest whole grains. Stick to brown rice, quinoa, wheat, barley, whole oats, millet, and faro for maximum benefits.


Cinnamon has effects on blood sugar levels which simultaneously increases insulin levels in the body. It imitates the biological activity of insulin and increases the metabolism of glucose. Since having high blood sugar levels can lead to increased storage of fat by the body, cinnamon helps prevent increased storage of fat which enables you to lose weight. You can add cinnamon to your cup of coffee, herbal tea and sprinkle it in a smoothie or on your hot or cold cereal.

Which of these foods will you start incorporating in your diet?