5 Ways To Sneak In A Workout

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Got a busy schedule? The hustle and bustle of the holidays can put a damper on that workout routine and if you don’t already have one the hustle and bustle can post pone that for months. Maintaining a workout schedule can be tough so we put together a list of ways you can easily sneak in a workout and still go about your day.

Here's our TOP 5!

#1 Wake Up Early
This may take some adjustment as people enjoy sleeping. DUH! Being an early morning workout person doesn’t mean having to loose less sleep it just means you may have to adjust your sleep schedule and go to bed earlier than you usually do. Having a strict bedtime will get that sleep clock back in running order. Also when you set that alarm for early A.M. hours set a NO SNOOZE rule! Cant seem to get moving that early? Get your workout clothes ready every night and put them on your nightstand. That way everything you need is right there when you wake up. The biggest bonus of an early morning workout? Getting to cross it off your list so you have your whole day left to get things done!

#2 Workout at Work
Have a 30 min lunch break? Instead of using that lunch break to go out and get lunch everyday, pack your lunch at home and use half of your break to walk up and down the stairs or go for a walk around your work building. Incorporating some exercise while you’re at work is a great way to sneak in a quick workout. Another great way to workout at work is to do some squats, pushups or jumping jacks on every bathroom break. Try it out! A little goes a long way!

#3 Include the Kiddos
Do you have little ones to look after? Invest in a jogging stroller and bring the baby along for a light jog or walk. For older kiddos let them ride along on their bikes as you go on your run. Even allowing the kids to get in on your home workout routine will allow you to get in a quick workout and they’ll have a blast too working out just like you do!

#4 Workout While Watching Your Shows
Everyone has their favorite shows that they cannot miss. To avoid couch potato syndrome get up during the commercial breaks and do some lunges, jump and jacks  and some planks. If you’re watching a movie then set a timer for every 15 minutes of the movie. That way you can enjoy your T.V. time and incorporate a quick workout at the same time.

#5 Make it A Part of Your Schedule
Did you know that a large percentage of top executives in America incorporate daily exercise into their very busy rigorous schedules? Most of them get up really early to be able to do this. Understanding the importance of a healthy body and mind will help you to understand the importance of making exercise a part of your daily routine. When you set up your schedule and stick to it you’ll find that you will discover more peace of mind knowing what you need to do and actually accomplishing it.

We hope that you will be able to use a few or all of these tips to discover a fitness lifestyle of your own!

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