6 Steps To Meal Planning On A Budget

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Its Friday night.

You’ve been on the go all day.

Your kids just came home from soccer practice and they are STARVING.

and there’s nothing in the pantry...

Often, its all too easy to just throw your arms up and call that new Chinese place you’ve been craving all day!!


I have a super simple, step-by-step plan that can save your health AND your bank account!!!

STEP ONEAlways, always, always keep your essentials stocked up!

These are the everyday items that help you create an endless variety of meals. Stock up on whole grains, nuts & seeds, canned beans and also don’t forget about frozen fruit and veg!!

STEP TWO: Check your store’s weekly sales pamphlet! 

Grab your local store’s weekly sales pamphlet and plan around it! Every store has their sales for the week, and you can start here. BUT here’s the catch, the only pages that matter are the front and the back! The rest of the pages are just fluff to add extra bulk, and the BEST deals are usually on the front!! 

STEP THREE: Check what you already have

After you’ve checked the specials, make a note of the ingredients you already have and need to get rid of. This way you can always make sure you’re using up old ingredients! 

STEP FOUR: Plan for 3-5 recipes. 

Keep it simple, and don’t plan for a new meal every day! Aim to make meals that make great leftovers, or even double up and freeze leftovers. For example, if you make a soup or stew, just make twice as much and freeze for another day! 

STEP FIVE: Plan for a cheat meal or two!

Girl, you know it’s gonna happen!! Sometimes life just gets in the way, and so you need a plan B! Shop the frozen section for some healthy frozen meals, and keep them for emergencies. Its better than fries! 

STEP SIX: Earn money while you shop!

What’s even better than saving money? Earning extra money while you shop!! The Ibotta app (although there’s many more), will let you scan your receipt and give you cashback. Once you reach $20 you can transfer that straight to your bank account!!