6 Things To Bring With You to Every Workout

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Ever head to the gym and realize you left something at home? Or maybe you are new to your fitness journey and you’re still trying to figure out this whole fit life thing. Totally fine. Lets break down the things you will need to bring with you to each workout to have the best workout.

To avoid having to use gym water fountains don’t forget to throw a bottle of water or water jug into that gym bag. Staying hydrated is super important when you are working out. When you sweat you loose fluids in your body but when you drink water you are lubricating the muscles and allowing other nutrients to flow more efficiently to the muscles.

2.Sweat Towel
What do you go to the gym to do? SWEAT! When it get's sweaty and sticky in the gym you could use your shirt to wipe down all of your sweat which can be inconvenient and just a tad gross or you could pull a towel out of your bag and dry your sweaty bod off. It will just ensure you never have a “Gosh I wish I brought my towel with me” moment.

3.Workout Clothes That are Comfy
When you workout you are moving your entire body and using so many different muscle groups. Its important to workout in clothes that are comfy and breathable. Check out our line of comfy tri blend workout tops!

Every workout needs some good jams to go along with it. Before you head to the gym make sure your playlist is up to date with songs that will push you through your workout! Bluetooth head phones are the best option because getting tangled up in headphone cords is just not cool.

5.Good Shoes
Make sure you are wearing shoes that provide stability for a lifting day. Soles that are thinner and flatter are perfect for these kind of workouts. If you are running invest in a good pair of shoes that support the arch of your foot and provide comfort and cushion at the same time.

6.A Healthy Post Workout Snack
The possibilities are endless but a good ol' fashioned apple or banana is a great go to when you’re in a hurry and need to refuel on some healthy carbs after a workout. Another great idea is a protein shake in a blender bottle. It's easy to throw in the gym bag and sip on after a workout. Protein bars are a great way to refuel as well after a workout to help rebuild your muscles and provide the right amount of carbs to help you feel full so you don’t eat the wrong things after a workout.


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