Be An Early Riser Exerciser with These 4 Tips!

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

You're ready to change, you're ready to loose weight and you're ready to do what it takes so you set your alarm early anticipating that morning run and go to bed. The next morning your alarm goes blaring off and whats the first thing you do? SNOOZE wheres the SNOOZE button?! Yeah it truly happens to the best of us but its time to conquer our mornings! Its very possible to have a busy schedule including work, kids, school and more and still have time to get physical when you commit to getting fit first thing in the morning!

Check out our tips!


If you want to have a successful morning routine its also very important to have a successful night time routine, they go hand in hand. Start by evaluating your schedule for the following day. Get your clothes and any other important things you will need for the next day together and put them in an easily accessible place. Then plan out your workout routine. Make sure that you have your outfit for the day laid out so that as soon you as you get back from that morning run or class you can shower and get ready for your day quicker. A routine before bed means a morning you won't dread!


Obviously waking up to an alarm isn't the most serene way to start the day. Our first instinct is to hit the snooze button and/or slowly drag our selves up and out of bed. Let the alarm awaken you so well that it causes you to almost shoot out of bed. This gets your adrenaline and blood pumping and ready to start your day early! Don't think about waking up for longer than 5 seconds and just GET UP! Make it the most serene wake up with a bright, soft melodic tune or get that adrenaline going with a fun upbeat and fast tune!


You may be hungry when you get up in the morning. When you have a run or workout planned it may not be the best idea to fill up on a full meal. Grab something quick like a half of banana or a small box full of raisins to get some pep in that step. This can be one of the things that you have ready and waiting the night before! Score!


If you're not naturally a morning person but you really have a desire to be to better your fitness and organize your schedule then try this out for a week! Throughout the week keep a journal or mental note about how you feel after your workout, how you feel mid day and how you feel before bed. Are you happier? Do you feel more successful? Do you feel more in charge of your time? Try it and track it! You may surprise yourself!

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