Burn Fat with These Simple Body Weight Moves

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Don’t have a gym to go to? No problem! Don’t have enough time to workout? You will now with these simple moves that only require your body weight. You don’t need big bulky gym machines to get some great results and burn fat and you definitely don’t need two hours of your day to devote to fitness. These simple moves when done in rounds of 2-3 shouldn’t take you longer than 20 min! Here they are!

Squats- Squats involve using some major muscles and in the process cause you to burn calories and strengthen and tone those leg muscles. Start with feet shoulder width apart and bend at the knees lowering your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keeping your torso up and knees in line with the toes. Return to standing and repeat in reps of 12-24.

Burpees- OMG these are in love-hate status with a lot of people because they really do hurt so good. They are the perfect full body, calorie scorching, strength building exercise! Start in squat position and jump up into a jump squat. Quickly reach your hands out in front of you in push up position. Quickly return feet up to squat position and repeat the jump squat. Repeat this movement for 10-12 reps in a row to scorch some calories!

High Knees- Another movement that is so simple but engages everything from the calves to your abs! Start by bringing your knees up to waist level and switch legs quickly as if you are running in place. Start at a comfortable level and get those knees up as high as you can bring them once you find your groove. Starting out try this exercise for 30 seconds. When you can advance try it for a minute at a time!

Push ups- This old school fail proof exercise is great at engaging your abs, back and arms! When doing them the main importance is keeping your entire body in line and keeping your elbows close to your body. Lower yourself slowly and then raise yourself up slowly. Control is key in this movement. Start out with 10-12 reps.

We hope you can enjoy getting fit with some of these movements! Check back next week for our next blog! Thanks for reading! Shop our collection now!