Five Healthy Holiday Swaps!

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It’s finally here yall! The chill in the air. The cozy blankets. Snuggling by a fire. Here in Texas, that means grabbing your long-forgotten coats from the back of the closet! 

We all know that means the holiday season is just around the corner, and when you’re just finished digesting your calorie-laden Thanksgiving meal, BAM, its Christmas time!! 

So here are five healthy holiday swaps so you can keep your hard-earned bod and indulge a little, or in other words have your pumpkin pie and eat it too!!


Swap Fully Loaded Baked Potatoes with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Who can pass up a fully loaded stuffed potato!? With all the cream cheese, and bacony goodness! But those calories add up real fast, and before you know it you’re looking at 400 calories for just a side!! 

Instead, go for roasted sweet potatoes! To make it extra festive sprinkle some cinnamon and maple syrup on top!


Swap Stuffing with Quinoa Stuffing

You can’t have turkey without the stuffing! And it may be delicious, but all that bread, sausage, and butter adds up the calories real fast! 

For a healthier version, try using Quinoa instead of the usual bread or corn! Quinoa is super high in fiber, nutrients, and gluten-free! 


Swap Store-Bought Cranberry Sauce with Homemade

This one’s a killer! Over 100 calories per serving and it’s all from sugar!! Instead of buying premade cranberry sauce, that has a bunch of extra added sugar or even HFCS, you could make your own! You can even substitute half the original amount of sugar for honey, and add some orange for extra zestiness!


Swap Pecan Pie with Pumpkin Pie

This may be a holiday staple, but a single slice is over 500 calories!! And whos only eating one slice anyway? 

For a healthier option swap pecans for pumpkins, and go for pumpkin pie! (I did say you could have your pumpkin pie!) Its 200 calories less, and full of Vitamin A goodness! Also, instead of heavy whipping cream, try out coconut cream!


Swap Eggnog with Warm Apple Cider

If you’re on the eggnog train, you know how deliciously rich eggnog can be, especially the extra naughty kind!! This delicious creamy drink can cost you more than 300 calories per cup! And that’s for the NON-alcoholic kind! Not exactly something you want to be chugging down these holidays!

Instead, try warm Apple Cider! Yass this is one of my fave swaps!! You get to keep the warm festive coziness without breaking the calorie bank!