Get Motivated, Its Easier Than You Think!

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

We know that with the holiday season in full swing it can be easy to get distracted and/or discouraged in your fitness journey. We've put together some tips that will hopefully help you get into gear!

1.Be ok with starting small:

We are pumped, we are ready, we have this huge goal that we want to hit but then here comes the doubt. A lot of the time the thing that holds us back is fear. This goal may be so huge what if you don’t hit it? You start to doubt yourself and your abilities. Fear creeps in making it impossible for you to move forward. When you set a smaller more realistic goal for yourself you start to see the challenge as achievable. Start small and then work your way up. Examples of this are, “I will do 20 burpees today” or “I will drink only water today”. Its hitting little goals like this that can set you up for success in achieving bigger more complicated goals. And starting small is totally ok because lots of people fail to even start at all.

2.Find someone you can share these goals with:

There's an awesome quote by Steven Covey that says "Accountability breeds response-ability.” When you share a goal with a person you trust all of a sudden that person becomes invited into your journey with you.(So make sure its someone you can trust). All of a sudden you not only feel responsible to yourself but to this person that is joining the journey with you. Finding someone that will get excited about your goals and help encourage you is the best thing you can do when you’re starting your journey of health and fitness. Even if you’re so deep into your journey and maybe need some new motivation or a change, getting an accountability partner can breathe new ideas, new motivation and a different perspective into what you’re currently doing.

3.Reward Yourself:

Celebrate the small things along the way. Whether its a day that went by and you had no sugar that day or even just a day that you got out of bed early and went for a run. Those are all victories that deserve to be rewarded. Having a clear reward at the end of a successful week or successful month will make all the pain sweat and tears worth it. Print out a picture of the reward and the action it will take for you to get to enjoy the reward. Whether it be a movie night where you get to order the supreme nachos or a brunch out with your girlfriends where you can indulge in a big plate of pancakes or a mini trip at the end of the month to unwind and relax. Whatever it is make your reward plain, put it in front of you so that you can see it everyday and do what it takes to get you there. Reward yourself because you truly deserve it!

We believe in you! Now lets get up and get moving together!

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