How To Eat Healthier At Starbucks

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

America has a love affair with Starbucks. Its our go to palce for that early morning rush hour coffee and quick breakfast. Its our place to go for that afternoon pick me up or that on the go drink before a day of running errands. We love Starbucks but there are ways to eat healthier and wiser at Americas beloved coffee shop so that you can get your fix and save some calories too!

Skip The Sandwich
Instead eat a healthy wrap like the Spinach Feta Wrap. The calorie count at 290 calories per wrap is marginally lower than the the 500 calories loaded in the Sausage and Cheddar Breakfast sandwich. Plus the Spinach and Feta Wrap is loaded with protein from the eggs whites and fiber found in the wheat wrap make for a wholesome healthy breakfast choice.

Skip the Pastries
If you are the type of person that likes a sweet breakfast over a savory breakfast skip the pastries all together and opt for a cup of the Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal. Its loaded with fiber and the whole grain oats will help ward off hunger and keep you full longer. The Chocolate Marble Loaf Cake, while it may make the sweet tooth water is loaded with a whopping 490 calories. That’s why we think at a calorie count of 290, the Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal is the smart choice to make to satisfy the sweet breakfast craving.

Skip The Frap
You may think that you can't survive without that Caramel Frappacino but there is another way to get a cold sweet beverage and save a ton of calories. Instead of a Caramel Frap loaded with an astounding 66 grams of sugar and 420 Calories try ordering a Grande Nonfat Unsweetened Iced Coffee with two pumps of Carmel Syrup. This cold drink has only 13 grams of sugar and 65 calories which in comparison to the Caramel Frap is the obvious healthy choice PLUS it will satisfy that sweet cold beverage craving that you have.


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