How To Feel Confident In A Bikini

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Lets face it. Bathing suit shopping is not anyone's favorite thing to do but tis the season to soak up some sunshine! Bathing suit shopping can bring on a sudden wave of insecurity that comes crashing over you and by the time you know it you’re leaving the store empty handed and ashamed. What if there was a way to really enjoy shopping for that bathing suit ever year? What if looking good in a bikini means not exactly having a rock hard body? With these steps maybe you could find the courage to hit up the beach with confidence and vibrancy knowing that you are your best you and there’s no one that can stand in your way.

The Swim Suit
Before you leave reach out to a bestie to tag along with you as sometimes having a friend helps with the process. Touch up your bikini line, shave your legs, and put on a little self-tanner. Doing these simple things will make you feel just a little more comfortable once you start trying on suits. Pick out a variety of colors, styles as well as sizes even opting for styles that you think you wouldn’t like. Mix and match pieces if you need to. When trying on make sure you have enough time to try every piece on and make sure you’re comfortable in it so give yourself about an hour for trying on.

Your Diet
If you know that your big summer trip is coming up in three weeks then start prepping your diet so that when the trip comes you feel like you’re in your best shape possible. Trying little changes like eliminating soda, drinking more water or practicing portion control can make a big difference in how your body feels when leaving for your beach or pool trip. Look forward to foods that you can eat like fresh whole unprocessed foods. That way you feel like you’re not giving up much but that you are just giving your body the nutrients it really needs.

Attitude IS KEY!
Insecurity shows quickly. Remember that what outside sources say you’re supposed to be is not even close to reality. Having a healthy mind and view of yourself will help to build confidence and the assurance you need to enjoy the warm sunny weather of summer without worrying about what people think you look like. If starting a workout regimen or changing your eating habits will help boost a little confidence than start a regimen and program that you will enjoy. When you shed those clothes in exchange for a bikini do it with the attitude that you are YOU. There’s no one like you. There’s no one the exact shape as you. There’s no one the same color as you. YOU are the only YOU! So go soak up some rays and smile the whole time knowing that you’re freaking awesome!

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