How to Get Out Of the Quit Pit

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

What do you do when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope? Like your goals are overwhelming your everyday so much that they start to look scarier and scarier. We as humans all face this mountain of fear, doubt and hopelessness at some point or another. We start to doubt the process and doubt if we are capable. Giving into this fear and giving into the idea of quitting is something we have all faced. But when you give in, is it worth it? When you’ve come so far already would you be willing to journey all the way back? We have put together three ways you can dig yourself out of the quit pit.

1.Embrace Self Talk  

Don't wait on other people to give you the push you need. It may sound corny but waking up every morning and repeating encouraging words over yourself will slowly build your self esteem and self worth over time. Be your biggest motivator! Whether it be coming up with a phrase to tell yourself daily or writing encouraging words on your mirror, talk yourself up even when you don’t feel like it! Eventually you will start to believe it and you will see those results come in!

2. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you but challenge you

It feels amazing to have people cheering you on along your journey. It feels great to continually get praise. When you can find a person that believes in you enough to challenge you when times get tough then you have found a great friend. When you’re challenged you are given the opportunity to crawl out of your own self doubt to discover strengths you didn’t think you had. Find those people and keep them!

3. Never forget your big WHY

You obviously had a beginning to your story, a reason why you started it. There's a reason why you started changing your eating habits. There's a reason why you started exercising. Do you remember it? When we remember that our goals are not just about us but about the people we know and love around us then we will have a constant reminder of why we should keep going. When you’re in the quit pit remember your big WHY. Remind yourself daily of why you decided to get up that day and work your butt off!         

We hope that the next time you’re in the quit pit you will use some of these strategies to pull yourself out! You got this! Thanks for reading! XOXO- Liz (founder and owner of Gymstie)

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