How to Overcome Gym Dread

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Yes its a real thing. Its when you’re at home or at work knowing that you have to workout but dreading walking into the gym because you’re tired or insecure. It’s more common than we realize. We want to encourage everyone with gym dread that there are ways you can overcome it! They’re so simple too so in no time at all we hope that you will all be gym dread over comers after reading this!









Take a friend
For many, going to the gym alone is one not ideal. Unfortunately this will cause people to stay away from the gym altogether. Find someone who has similar goals or who has a schedule that aligns with yours to go to the gym with. Having a friend with you helps boost confidence and will make you push yourself harder maybe with a little friendly competition! Don’t go it alone!

Go when the gym isn’t busy
Gym traffic varies from gym to gym depending on the size and location of a gym but for the most part every gym has their peak hours. Find out from the staff of your local gym which part of the day has the least amount of traffic and if you can swing it go at those times. If your only option is to go during peak hours, go in the gym with a flexible plan knowing that if machines are being used up you have other options lined up.

Don’t forget your earbuds
Gym groans, convos and machine noises can get a little annoying. Showing up to the gym with no earbuds and workout jams to listen to is the worst! Ok not really but walking into that hustle and bustle noise of the gym can be truly overwhelming for some. Pick your fave gym songs that will motivate you or find some awesome podcasts or audio books to listen to while you workout. To make sure you never forget your earbuds, get an extra pair to store in your car glovebox.

Don’t let your mind get the best of you
We are our biggest opponents sometimes. We start to come up with all kinds of excuses. We start to justify our excuses and as soon as we know it days and weeks go by with no results. Think about what exactly is causing your gym dread, is it your busy schedule? Is it anxiety? Is it insecurity? Just think about this, 9 times out of 10 fellow gym goers are there because just like you they care about their physical fitness. So you really aren’t alone and if its time you’re worried about, can you spare just one hour in your 24 hour day? Sometimes you just have to step back, evaluate the problem and find a simple solution that can change your entire outcome!

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