How to Sculpt Abs Without Doing One Crunch

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

If abs came easy everyone would have them right? Though the road is long and hard to having great abs it is definitely not impossible! A clean and well balanced diet is definitely key to having flat tight abs but coupled with some ab moves like these and some dedication you will be sure to see a major change and flatter abs! 

1. Lying Leg Raises
These may seem too easy at first but oh my goodness these will come to bite you in the lower abdomen the next morning(in a good way of course)!

Start by laying flat on floor palms facing down beside you on floor or tucked under your booty for stability. Lift legs together up to a 90 degree angle then slowly lower back down until your feet are 6 inches above the ground. Then lift back up again and repeat at least 12 reps.

*For a bit more of a workout try holding your legs out when they are 6 inches off the ground for a 3 count before raising back up.

2. Shoulder Taps
To start, get into pushup position, arms straight in line with your shoulders and feet about 8 inches apart. Tap right shoulder with left hand stabilizing your core and holding your hips still then place left arm back down and tap the left shoulder with right hand. Place hand back down and that equals one rep. Repeat at least 8-10 reps.

*For a bit more of a challenge throw in a pushup after you complete a shoulder tap on the left and the right.

3. Windshield Wipers
This one is so fun! To start, lye flat on your back with arms out to the sides for stability. Raise both legs up to 90 degree angle then slowly lower legs to the right side. Slow and with control bring legs back up and around the the left side. Repeat in this motion much like windshield wipers for at least 10 reps!

4. Plank Jacks
This move will get that heart rate up and engage your whole midsection. To start get into plank position making sure your arms are positioned under your shoulders. With feet together hop them out till they’re about 10-12 inches apart. Then hop them back together, that is one rep. Repeat moving faster as you get more comfortable in this position. Do this for at least 12 reps.

*For a more challenging workout try this movement in elbow plank position!

Cheers to tighter and flatter abs that you can show off as the weather gets a little more sunny and warm!

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