How To Stay Active In The Summer Heat

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

We are in the dead heat of summer right now but sometimes the gym can get a little boring. Don't be afraid to take your workout outside. You don’t have to be a skilled professional runner or athlete to be able to effectively workout in the hot summer weather. Getting outdoors and being active is a great way to change up your same ol' gym routine. We are giving you some ways that you can perform better during an outdoor summer workout. Check out these tips!

Choose early am or late pm for your run or workout. Go for that run before the sun goes up or right after it goes down for a bit of a cooler workout. Also humidity and pollution levels are usually higher midday which is why earlier or later workout times are best.

Stay hydrated through the day. Drink up right before bed for that early morning run the next day and keep a full water bottle with you throughout your day to stay properly hydrated. Never go out in the heat without proper hydration.

Wear light colored breathable clothing and shoes. Choosing poly/cotton blends will help wick away moisture and keep your body cooler. Wear light weight shoes and socks with ventilation to allow airflow and comfort.

Wear a good pair of protective sports sunglasses. The sun releases an endless array of harmful UV rays which can be harmful to our eyes. Protect your eyes with proper sports shades that will help shield out those UV rays.

*** Watch for signs of heat exhaustion, such as nausea, dizziness, cramps, and headache. If you notice any signs, stop your activity right away, cool off, and drink fluids.