5 Tiny Things To Do To Loose That Last Bit Of Fat

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

You’ve worked hard, you’ve spent hours in the gym, you have even tried fad diets and maybe some worked. Maybe some didn’t. Do you have some stubborn fat that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? Lots of women trying to loose weight tend to try extreme measures to do so that end up failing because they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. To loose that last bit of stubborn fat don’t fall into the trap of trying all the things at one time. Studies have shown that women that make tiny changes and tweaks to their movement and diet can loose up to twice as much belly fat than those women who followed traditional calorie-restriction and physical-activity guidelines. So who’s ready to do some tweaking?


Limit High-Fat Food
Fried foods, donuts, cookies, chips, popcorn even nuts and peanut butter. Oh My! These snacks are typically loaded with tons of fat. Don't quit cold turkey because you may run into the issue of being overwhelmed by too many rules at one time. To start limiting these foods in your diet pick one snack at a time that you can gradually get rid of. If it's fried foods, try loosing those foods for a whole week then the next week drop another fatty snack or food then the next another and so on. Point out the foods or snacks you may be consuming that are high in fat and starting limiting them gradually. Choose baby carrots, cucumbers, veggies or fresh fruits that have been pre cut and pre washed over these high fat snacks instead.

Move More
Movement is key to getting your body and muscles the strength and energy it needs. Instead of going up the elevator because you’re late for a meeting, take the stairs. Walk your kids to school instead of driving. Take your dog on regular dog walks. Find a fitness routine that best fits your body and stick to it.

Brush It Off
Take a travel toothbrush with you everywhere you go so that you are armed to brush immediately after every meal. This will encourage you to stay away for constant nibbling after you’ve eaten. It will tell you’re brain “Hey I’ve got fresh breath, don’t want to mess that up”.

Practice Portion Control
When managing weight loss one crucial thing to remember is that your weight is a direct result of the number of calories that you take in through food and drink as compared with the number of calories that you burn off. When you sit down for a big meal it's easy to forget to count the calories you’re ingesting every time. Portion control allows you the opportunity to continue to enjoy wholesome foods like lean meats, veggies, fruits, whole grains and more while managing your calorie intake. Simply put when you monitor your portion sizes, you decrease the amount of food that you eat which decreases your overall calorie intake. Avoid eating too little by eating foods mentioned above so that your body is still getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs.

Beat That Sugar Craving
Avoiding sugar requires strong will. Its in the morning meeting donuts and pastries, birthday parties on the weekends and God-forbid we turn down the dessert menu when its offered at a restaurant. It's a craving that's hard to kick. When that sweet tooth starts to wage its ugly head drinking a cup of iced or hot green tea or iced water with a lemon slice are great ways to suppress that craving. Practice saying “no thank you” when you are offered a sweet treat. You won’t regret it, promise!  Brushing your teeth(mentioned above) is also a proven technique to quell cravings.

Which ways are you going to try to beat down those pesky last few pounds?