Need Some Fuel To Power Through That Workout? Try these 5 Foods!

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Much like you fill your car up with gas before a long road trip, your body needs to be filled with fuel before an intense workout or run. A lot of what you eat before or after a workout can play a huge part in how quickly you reach your fitness goals. Fuel up the right way and choose some of these foods to help you power through your next workout!


Need a little more pep in your step? Are you a morning exerciser? Research has shown that the caffeine in coffee will enhance stamina and endurance during a workout. Try a small cup of coffee 30 min to 1 hour before your next workout to see if you notice a difference in endurance. Stay away from sugars and sweet creams and just add a splash of milk to be sure to not negate the effects of the caffeine.


Did you know edamame is a healthy snack packed with up to 17g of protein? Its also great because it delivers a good healthy amount of carbs and fiber perfect for when you just finished a hard workout. Next time you finish a workout grab a handful of these with a sprinkle of salt to refuel and recover that body.

Greek Yogurt...

When you are getting ready to go on a run or getting ready for some gym time eat a cup of greek yogurt to prepare. It packs up to twice as many grams of protein as regular yogurt and can aid in rebuilding those muscles before or after a workout. Try some with a sprinkle of sliced almonds and honey before your next sweat session!

Oatmeal ...

Oatmeal is a great whole grain complex carb that can sustain your blood sugar levels during a workout that in turn gives you the energy you need to power through your workouts. When it comes to prepping those muscles for a workout carbs are your best friend. Try a half cup of whole rolled oats with a tablespoon of almond or peanut butter and blueberries to get in a good dose of carbs and protein before or after that workout.


If you’re on the go it can be hard to get in a full pre-workout snack so next time you’re in a hurry grab a small box of raisins. They pack an energy boosting amount of carbs and potassium you need to maintain fluid balance and help prevent dehydration. Raisins can give your body the carbs it needs to keep energy-boosting blood sugar levels up while finishing out that workout. Try them before or even during a workout.

Here's to eating smart and fueling up before those workouts!

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