Resolutions Already Overwhelming You? 3 Ways To Tackle Them

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

1. Make It Public
What we mean to say is think real hard about your biggest dreams and aspirations. How many of those have you not even said aloud because there’s an underlying fear there? Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of others opinions. Resolutions are an overall goal to better yourself throughout the year. So these goals are for YOU! Make it public by posting your top 3 resolutions on your favorite social media platform(don’t overthink it). People will have opinions no matter what. Why? Because people are people. You can’t control what they think but YOU Can control your thoughts and actions. Make it public by sharing some of your goals with a trusted friend, neighbor, gym buddy or teacher. Sharing your goals will help hold you accountable to doing what it takes to reach them.

2. Journal Your Everyday Successes
When it comes to journaling one of the number one reasons people say they can’t is they don’t have the time to do it. Who wrote the rule book on journaling? There’s no rules on how much you need to write or how often or how eloquently. The cool thing about journaling is you have free reign to write how much, how little, how deep or how creative you want to. Start by writing one small or big success everyday. Examples include:

- “Today instead of eating the donuts in the break room I reached for the Apple I brought to work”
- “Today I went to the gym and stayed on the treadmill for 10 extra minutes”
- “Today someone complimented me on how good I looked”

You see? It’s ridiculously easy to write down a sentence or two daily. This gives you an everyday excitement to reach for your goals even if it’s just one step at a time.

We are our biggest critics. Everyday we can wake up with a mind battle of negativity going on in full force. It happens because we are humans. Instead of waking up and going about your day succumbing to those negative thoughts find ways to overcome them like, meditating and thinking about what you are thankful for that day. Think about why you have goals. Think about what makes you capable of reaching those goals. You can practice this throughout a busy day by simply replacing one negative thought with a positive thought that will combat that negativity. Instead of saying, "I'm never going to reach that goal", say something like, "I'm still not sure how I will get to that goal but I'm going to do my best to get there". Instead of saying, "I cant ever stick to a healthy eating plan", say something like, "I can eat healthy and I will because my body will thank me one day". Wake up every day with the "I GOT THIS" attitude! On a bad day don't sink into the hole of negativity long. Rise up and know that you're worth reaching those goals!