Simple Ways to Master your Everyday in 2017

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Schedule "Do nothing days"

It's easier said than done right? What does a do nothing day look like? Maybe for you it's vegging out in front of the TV binge watching your shows all day. It would be driving off to the beach and hanging out enjoying the breeze. Whatever it looks like to you a "do nothing day" should take you out of your everyday routine life and place you in a spot where you can breathe, relax and enjoy just being that day and not "doing". And when you start to worry about things you have to do like cleaning, laundry, taking the car for an oil change just remember that those things will still be there and needing your attention the next day. So take your "do nothing" day and make everything else wait till it's over. 

Prep your outfit and pack meals the day before

Do you remember when you were in school and your mom would place your outfit out for you the night before? And when you got a little older you always knew what you were wearing to school the next day? Well just because we are all adult-ing now doesn't mean we need to give up that habit. Picking out and ironing your outfit the day before and packing your own lunch will almost always put you at ease the next morning. No more wasting time staring at your closet racks. No more running out of time to make your lunch. Try it out! 

Do laundry at the beginning of the week 

Sundays are a day of rest but they should also be a day of laundry. Put your fave podcast or show on and get to folding. Make sure all hands are on deck during laundry time especially when you're doing laundry for more than one person. When you have all the laundry done on Sunday for the following week you get to go day to day not digging in baskets hurriedly looking for matching socks and underwear. You avoid the aftermath of a morning of people digging through baskets and throwing clean clothes everywhere. Try a Sunday laundry day! 


Journaling takes some practice and discipline as it's hard for us to sit still in a world that is going full speed. When you get into the practice of journaling you have the chance to gather your thoughts and write down things that are overwhelming your mind. It's a great time to center yourself and your thoughts and process things that you otherwise would not have time to. 

Take a social media break 

Taking a break from social media even if it's for a day could be a surprisingly useful thing to do if you are wanting to slow down and appreciate what's in front of you. "Stop and smell the roses" in this day and age basically should translate into stop and take a social media break. It really is good for the soul. Will you try it? 

Do something nice for someone else

Have you ever bought a coffee for the person behind you in line at Starbucks? Or written an encouraging note for someone you know? Small tokens of appreciation in the form of notes, a free coffee or letting someone cut in line in front of you at the store will not only brighten up someone else's day but there's a great amount of joy that comes when you do something nice for someone else. Seeing others smile will make you smile and that's what's worth it.  


Working out doesn't only have to be going to the gym and pumping iron. There are many different avenues you can take to include physical exercise into your life. Use your neighborhood to take a morning run or jog. If you have access to a pool swim for 30 minutes. If you like to dance take up dance lessons or find a group dance class. The possibilities are endless. The point is putting some loving tender care into your body. Workouts can not only improve your health and appearance physically but will improve your health internally as well. Find your avenue and what works best for you and go for it!!

Which of these tiny habits will you pick up this year?

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