Soar, Fail, Soar Again

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

At Gymstie we are so excited that we have the opportunity to be able to empower women everywhere to get moving. We are all beautifully made and fashioned. We all deserve the time and effort it takes to make ourselves the best us possible.

We all go through ups and downs. We get up in the morning, get our workout clothes on and go out for that morning jog or spin class at the gym. We are pumped and we feel good. GOOD! Its supposed to make you feel that way.

Then the next day we get up put our workout clothes on and decide we want to grab a cup of coffee, and browse the isles of Target as we eat the chocolate chip muffin we got with our coffee. (Sounds like the perfect day) :)

Then that day turns into another day of skipping the workout and hopping into that fast food line for lunch.

A few skipped workout days and a few bad days of eating tend to creep up on you and then soon after comes the guilt. You maybe feel like you’ve dug yourself too deep to get out of it. You maybe feel like a failure because you haven’t stuck to your goals. Well guess what! You have today! You have today to start again! Yesterday is done! Today is your new day to get back up and do it again! Try again, push again, soar again!

Those tiny moment where we feel like failures pale in comparison to the amazing victorious moments where we are soaring and nothing can stand in our way!

So be ok with the Soar(in this case “SORE” works just as well) HA! Be ok with the “fail” and get back up again! You deserve to SOAR!

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