The Old School Exercise You Have To Try Again!

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Jump Rope Fitness...
What piece of exercise equipment is affordable, portable, can be used by practically everyone and improves cardiovascular fitness and tones muscle at the same time? The answer: a jump rope!

When was the last time you jump roped? For most its been since P.E class. in elementary school. Well maybe its time to revisit that rope because there are great benefits that come with jump rope training. If you’re looking to save some time, burn calories and can’t afford a big gym membership then pick up a jump rope!

Jump roping can scorch calories even faster than you would running your fastest on a treadmill. It also improves coordination, upper and lower body strength and cardiovascular health which can aid on increasing your stamina. To start jump roping:

1. Pick a jump rope that is the correct length for you.
2. Jump rope on a flat level surface making sure there's enough space around you to move.
3. Start slow focusing on coordinating your swing and foot movements.

Thanks for reading todays fitness tip! Try incorporating this old school exercise into your routine today! Make sure to shop our hot workout tops for that next workout below!