These Trends In Fitness Are a Must Try This Year!

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

A New year means a new opportunity to start a new journey. It gives us the boost of energy we need to try new things when it comes to fitness. For the most part the fundamentals of fitness will still prove true this year however if you want to awaken your stale routine this year for something fresh you may want to try these highly popular trends!

HIIT Workouts(High Intensity Interval Training)
This type of training has been around for a bit but with increasing numbers of people too busy to pump out two hours in the gym these workouts prove to be convenient because they save time yet blast calories and if you don’t have equipment such as free weights or kettle bells then you can use your own body weight.  The goal is to do as many intense high impact movements in 30 min as possible. This type of workout will help you save time and of course loose some weight.

GROUP Workouts
There are an endless amount of group type workouts you can choose from this year. From Pilates to Yoga to Kickboxing, these types of group activities will motivate you to keep on returning due to atmospheres that encourage you and hold you accountable. It feels great to know that when you show up to these classes there are other people there running the same journey you are and are looking to get the most out of it as possible. These atmospheres are perfect for people that need that camaraderie and encouragement!

BARRE Workouts
This trend has also been on the rise over the last few years but with increasing popularity and more locations popping up everywhere this ballet/pilates and strength training exercise all in one will be even more accessible than ever! In this class the combination of dance, cardio and core strengthening will help tone muscle and burn fat. It will also improve posture, flexibility and balance. This class is perfect for all ages because of the focus on helping people who are on different ability levels.

Will you try one of these classes this year?

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