Want a Successful Week? This Day is the Best Day to Prepare For One...

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Sunday is a day of the week that everyone looks forward to. For some its sleeping in and enjoying a great breakfast with the family or waking up early and going to their place of worship. Its a day to relax and watch some football. Its a day to get outdoors with the family or watch a movie. Its truly a day of rest.

Its also a day that a lot of people wish could last longer because what day comes after Sunday? Monday… the dreaded Monday blues is the overwhelming feeling that creeps up on most of us even on a Sunday. BUT Sunday in our opinion is the best day to get pumped up and prepped up for the upcoming week.

We are going to start a Sunday Funday trend. This is the day that we get to map out a plan for the week. This is the perfect day to set yourself up for success! Sunday is the best day of the week to write out that grocery list and make sure to include whole healthy foods on the list. That's why Sunday is your new FUNDAY!

Here are just a few tips to mapping out a successful fitness and health week:

Tip 1:
Write out all of your meals INCLUDING breakfast and lunch.
Its very common for us to prepare a dinner menu for the week but that leaves most of the day empty and which leaves us scrambling to find something to eat for breakfast and lunch. This in turn makes us drive right into the fast food line or worse, skip meals all together. Plan out your breakfast, lunch and dinners and stick to your schedule. Write it all down including the ingredients you will need for each meal. This will make your grocery shopping trip a breeze. If you don’t have time to cook then Sundays are your best days to cook and prep all of your meals and snacks.

Tip 2:
Plan your workout schedule
Are you going to have rest days in the upcoming week? Are you going to alternate days? Are you going to do a group workout class one day and strength train the next? Are you a person that works out at home? Write down what you will do each day and stick to it. When you have a clear schedule and workout “to do” list already mapped out for the week then you have something to hold you accountable. You have clarity and this will help you to stick to a goal.

Tip 3:
Just do it
It takes a ton of will power and strength to workout. When you have planned out your week and have a workout schedule you will most likely face opposition(donuts at work, pizza for the work meeting or something that comes up trying to take away your workout time). This is when your will power kicks in. When you convince yourself that your schedule and health matter then you will find the fight to overcome these hurdles. When you don’t feel like going to the gym, do it anyway(You will always be glad you did). When you don’t feel like eating that salad, do it anyway(again you will be proud that you did). The main idea is just to do it! In the end you will feel great about your choices and you will gain confidence knowing that you had the will power to overcome opposition.

You are capable! You are fierce!

Here’s to Sunday Funday! Now lets get to prepping!
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