Workout Tip Of the Day: Jacks Squats

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Around here we love fitness and we want to empower our customers and those that come across our page to pour into themselves to be the best they can be. And because we love fitness we wanted to share one of our favorite workout movements with you!

Its called a Jack Squat:

A. Start with legs shoulder width apart and hands behind your head.

B. Jump both legs out to a regular squat position.

C. Hop both legs together as you stand up straight, then hop back out to squat position, repeat bringing your legs back in as you stand up straight.

Do this movement as quickly as you can maintaining your posture and keeping those knees in line with your toes during your squat. Bonus Burn.... Squat as low as possible when you hop into that squat!

Jack Squats are a great way to burn calories and build and strengthen those legs muscles. They help improve your overall balance too. Try a doing 12-20 reps for 3-4 rounds at a time depending on your level of fitness.

Try it out! And don't forget to pick up your next workout essential now!