Your Favorite Starbucks Drinks: The Healthier Way

Posted by Elizebeth Alejandro on

Starbucks Starbucks oh how the world loves thee. Starbucks is a beloved coffee staple but if you’re not careful you will end up consuming unwanted calories in a drink on a weekly bases depending on how often you frequent your local Starbucks. We have found a few ways you can save yourself from unwanted calories and carbs while still indulging in your favorite Starbucks drink.

Never Add Whipped Cream to Your Drink
But whipped cream is so good and reminds me of the wonders of fall. As good and magical as whipped cream tastes it can add up to 80 more calories to your drink and up to 10 grams of fat per serving. For example a grande pumpkin spice latte nonfat can go from 390 calories to 470 calories with added whip. So its safe to say goodbye to your beloved whipped cream friend and hello to a smaller waistline.

Skip Out on the Sweetener
Did you know that when you ask for something sweetened at Starbucks, the barista adds Classic Syrup, which is basically just a sugar and water solution. For instance, a grande shaken passion tea lemonade sweetened has four pumps of sweetener added to it which adds up to 80 more calories and 20 carbs. Order a venti of the same sweetened drink and you can expect up to 120 more calories added and 30 added carbs. If you MUST have sweetener consider ordering your drink with “half” the amount of sweetener and feel good drinking it knowing you are doing good to your body.

Ask for Fewer Pumps of Syrup
A tall latte from Starbucks usually comes with three pumps of flavored syrup, while a grande and venti come with about four and five. According to the nutrition table at Starbucks one pump of flavored syrup can contain upwards of 25 calories. Times that by three pumps and you have 75 calories. When you start to add multiple pumps to your drink, you can expect to consume more calories than you bargained for which means you end up drinking a ton of carbs, calories and fat in one drink. If you want to be mindful ask for fewer pumps than the recipe suggests.

Choose the Right Milk
Up until recently Starbucks had only a couple options for choice of milk. Now they have soy, regular, nonfat, 2%, coconut and almond. Hooray for choices! When choosing the right milk keep in mind that whole milk will have more calories and fat content. Almond milk may win overall because of the fact that it has fewer calories and less sugar content that that others. Try it. Your waistline might thank you!


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