Who Are We?

Hi, it's Liz!

In 2016 I was on my own personal fitness journey after having two kids. I loved the idea of being able to walk into the gym and see my friends there or someone I knew working out. It made me feel less alone. I wanted to create a fitness brand that celebrated community and friendship for women on the road to finding happier healthier versions of themselves. That's when the idea for GYMSTIE came along. It's that friend or group of friends that you can count to be with you on the road to health and fitness(which is tough to do alone). Working out is way more fun with your gym bestie also known as your "GYMSTIE".

Our line of tanks are made of super high quality and are designed by yours truly so that every customer has a custom one of a kind experience when they shop with us. We believe that when you start working on yourself you feel that much better when you have something cute to wear to your workout. Our tanks, tees, bags and hats make a statement and we believe that when you stand for your health what bigger statement can you make?

Thanks for visiting and shopping with GYMSTIE! pronounced JIM-STEE :) Visit the Collection here!